Physical Education

Purpose of Study

A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed; developing agility, balance and co-ordination required for sport and other physically demanding activities. The understanding of physical health and education can influence our future life choices and is essential that all pupils are provided with the knowledge needed to become physically confident to support their own health, fitness and wellbeing. At Carville, we provide a safe and supportive learning environment for children to strive in a range of physical activities.

It is recognised that pupils at Carville often have limited opportunities to access sport and physical activity outside of school. Therefore, we aim to increase their cultural capital by allowing children to experience a range of sports, through the curriculum, extra-curricular activities, after school clubs and Commando Joe’s. Working alongside the Local Authority, we participate a range of sporting events and competitions with other local schools.

All children are provided with the opportunity to have fun whilst being physically active, maintain a healthy lifestyle and using the medium of sport increase their self-esteem. We support our pupils to adopt a positive mind-set and believe that they can achieve their goals with determination and resilience. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness, resilience, respect and teamwork, as well as broaden the life experiences our children receive. We are aware at Carville that a lack of resilience and teamwork can often inhibit our children’s abilities to access and reach their full potential, and so work to address this through our PE offer.

We use PE as an opportunity to expose children to a wide range of subject specific vocabulary, supported by wall displays, explicit teaching of vocabulary and regular communication within lessons.

Our whole school focus on reading is supported by the provision of high-quality texts within the sporting genre, including biographies, sport specific non-fiction texts and sports themed fiction books, allowing children to draw parallels and link to their own learning in PE.

Who is the Carville Sportsperson?

The Carville Sportsperson is enthusiastic and enjoys physical education. They are supported to gain the skills, knowledge and key vocabulary needed to successfully participate in sport and physical activity. Carville Sportspeople understand the link between physical and mental health and aspire to live an active, healthy life. They recognise what is meant by sportsmanship and the importance of it.

They are aware of the key principles of attacking and defending and can effectively apply this a range of team games. At Carville, we can use our imagination to perform dances and routines and suggest ways to improve, evaluate and provide positive constructive feedback to our peers. The Carville Sportsperson strives to improve their fitness levels and to be flexible, strong and agile. We apply these learned skills to a variety of games and activities.


Carville Curriculum Rationale:

  • Objectives across all strands of PE revisited and embedded within and across year groups and key stages to ensure cumulative fluency;
  • Engaging, challenging and inclusive activities and games develop pupils’ character and encourage resilience, fairness and respect;
  • Development in all aspects of physical education encourages an active, healthy lifestyle and promotes both physical and mental well-being.